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Before any “real” work begins, it’s best to define expectations. One of the most important steps to an effective client onboarding process is gathering all of the necessary information to fully assess what the client needs. Each of our clienst is different, so we adjust and adapt as necessary. Taking a page from D.Malls checklist below is a great starting point.

What sort of timeline are we looking at here? Is there a specific date you have in mind, and why exactly did you choose this date? On our end, we provide information about our earliest availability.

Present work:
Is there any work that we should know about that has already started? Any ideas, sketches, moodboards...?

How big of a team is at your end? Who are we working with and who are we communicating with? Who is the decision maker?

What kind of budget have you planned for this project?

Why us: 
How did you find us, and where have you heard of our work? Any particular projects that you liked? What exactly did you like about them?

Are there any other companies you're talking to about this project? May we ask how many of them? What do you like about their work?

What service in particular are you in need for? Are there other collaborators on the project and you are looking to hire us to do a specific thing on the project?

After gathering all this info we could tell whether or not we are going to be a successful fit.

Defining KPI

The Brief


At the start of a project a written description called brief is provided to our team by the client. When a client issues one, they lay out their goals and priorities and describe the nature of their work. A brief is a handy document that keeps everyone one the same page and can be revisited as the project moves forward.

The aim of the brief is to get everyone underway with a shared sense of what needs to be achieved. It provides guidance and acts as a baseline on which to measure ideas and implementation as we progress through a project. It is the client's sole duty to determine priorities and expectations and to recognise the audience and meaning.

Another advantage of the brief document is the insight it gives to our clients, as a reminder why you're embarking on a project. If you don't know why, you can't really expect to do something worth it. Nor are you going to get the business behind the idea. A brief can be as useful internally as it is publicly. If you present it to the individuals inside the organisation most closely impacted by whatever is being generated, you not only generate valuable feedback, but also pave the way for their buy-in.

Define & Emphatize

Strategy &

With branding and visual design, we aim to create a unique vision for the brand within the minds of customers through use of distinctive brand positioning and a cohesive artistic creative theme. For the brand to set itself apart from its rivals, it has to have its own vision and mindset. It is necessary to reflect the personality of the brand in the way it talks and how it creates meaningful experience for your customers. Only by standing out would a brand be able to create a significant and distinct market position that draws and maintains loyal customers.

Your name is one of your greatest assets. It's the main way of interacting with the outside world. A-brands trust us with their presence, and we have shown to appreciate both the emotional and analytical challenges of the digital identity of a brand.

The dictionary says: a strategy is a 'plan of action or policy designed to accomplish a significant or general goal.' Intention leads to action, which ideally achieves the desired outcome.

We need to consider the business challenges of our clients and to define where they should be searching for solutions to those problems — which categories, which customer demands, which sectors, and what opportunities?

Building a profitable business needs a brand target that encourages the audience to engage with you. By committing yourself to a particular objective, your target customer will connect more deeply with your brand. Brand strategy is the roadmap of your brand, it is the cornerstone of the potential and success of your brand: it determines the intent of your brand, determines your role on the market and acts as a red thread in your brand contact.

A distinctive strategic approach also creates a strong fundamentals for the visual identity of the brand. It helps our designers and creatives to stay on the path of the brand while executing their concepts.


Ideate & Test




We take a close look at your brand’s strengths, opportunities, competition and vulnerabilities. We dive into customer insights, journeys, company culture and several other things before we start designing any of the brand components.

Branding is what binds a business to the culture. In a digitally dominated connected environment, techniques that introduce human experiences to technology have never been more relevant.

We listen and make sure our clients are partners and collaborators within the process. Empathy and understanding leads our design process to make (and treat) every brand unique. It’s not about being innovative for the sake of being innovative. All the visual brand components of your company should have a certain role, representing the vision and the mindset of your company.

Websites, apps and digital goods, all build up modern brands and build authentic relationships. The digital and interactive experiences of the future are complex, we are here to help to simplify the process and make the best of it. Good UX creates interactions that people love and forms the greatest bond between the brand and its audience. We start with our user in front, backed with strategy we build an online presence that surprises and delights.

Our creative teams work collaboratively. Design puts a strategy into a beautiful form and development both of them into something tangible. On top of that adding creative concepts to communicate the brand values, it all plays an important role in completing customer experience.


Your website should clearly reflect the core values of your brand, as it is one of the most critical touchpoints in the user’s journey. In addition, the website is one of the most observable marketing assets, making it a very useful source of data. We look for an organic succes in which our team of creative developers works closely with designers, strategists and marketing advisors. This synergy offers a fine compromise between appearance and results.


Websites, apps and digital goods, all build up modern brands and build authentic relationships. The digital and interactive experiences of the future are complex, we are here to help to simplify the process and make the best of it. Good UX creates interactions that people love and forms the greatest bond between the brand and its audience. We start with our user in front, backed with strategy we build an online presence that surprises and delights.

Great businesses are always backed by a great website, so having a digital presence for your business is a must. When it comes to being noticed online, being smart is more critical than being popular. It really depends how strong of a platform is on the type of strength it’s given.

There are sites that focus on retail, with their strengths geared towards conversion and optimisation. Then there are the ones that do a job of presenting a particular product or service. And then there are those that are focused on entertainment, education, engagement and are pushing the boundaries to create new digital experiences.

We are always happy to explore the inner power of our clients websites and lead them through the process of building something that enhances their business. A great online experience always starts with your brand’s values and goals. And of course your customer, with their needs, motives and expectations defined. Once we have those, we can dig deeper to find out when they encounter your business online.

Implement & Iterate



We meet services and products at a blinding rate and those are being converted into commodities quicker than ever before. An era of limitless markets, no entry barriers, competition emerging from unforeseen sources - we are at the hands of consumers whose demands are increasing exponentially.

Creative storytelling:

When prepared properly, content is contextualized to a platform, represents the brand, aligns with visual language, and serves as a point of communication for your audiences. 

Content plan serves as a foundation for digital brand communication, which makes it easy and straightforward to find answers for questions such as; who is our target audience, where to find them and how to talk to them, how to have a cohesive communication on various platforms, do we need to create additional supportive brand assets to use on social media, when and where to publish content? After we establish a brand and content plan, our team will take care of content schedule, content creation and distribution, while performing community management of your social media channels.

The digital wilderness makes it hard for the brands to cohesively communicate and to keep up to the emotional experience consumers want. With thumb stopping content, we like to tap into human emotions. By doing that we try to give your customers value, convert them and more importantly create a sustainable bond between the two.

Digital Marketing:

After we finish a project we like to stick around. We track and improve our performances, creating long-term bonds with our partners. In order to thrive in the digital world you have to constantly analyse and adapt your business. You have to keep looking for solutions to deal with unprecedented times in the fast changing world.

One of the important principles that fuels our efforts is to continuously look for new opportunities. We analyse the entire range of conventional and upcoming channels to find new ways to connect with audiences. We are not advocates for any particular platform or strategy, but merely aim to secure the best possible media platform to communicate creative solutions. An ongoing test and iterate approach, backed by data and analytics drive this process. 

All the media bought and the resulting data associated with purchases are thoroughly exchanged with our clients. Including approach to tools, performance metrics and everything else clients would require.


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